As a company, our experience has spanned 30 years, but our love for nature started generations before that. Green Bridge was founded on a passion for the natural world and a fascination of the abundance we receive through it

Our respect for the Earth and everything it gives us has driven us to be consistently forward-thinking in our approach to agriculture, aiming to take every opportunity to reduce overconsumption, improve the welfare of animal lives, and build technologically advanced farming setups that create sustainable environments and processes that benefit both people and nature in equal measure.

For 30 years, we have been at the forefront of the agricultural revolution, pursuing in-depth innovation research to make sure we always have access to the most up-to-date data and advanced technology to be able to make educated and effective decisions.

Our transparent and motivated dedication to the industry has made us the exclusive representative for a variety of multinational companies active in seed breeding production, animal production and genetics, while also giving us the privilege of being able to advise famers across the region on how to set up, develop and manage their farms.


The act of planting a seed is an act of hope. Hope in its growth, development, and its health. A seed, once in the soil, is no longer just a seed; it is the instigator of life that breeds life, and ultimately provides for life.

At GreenBridge, every step, every decision, every plan that is made, is seen as a seed - one that we sow with hope and a belief that it will develop to create something good. While our services are technical, the results we aim to achieve through them are driven by the motivation to improve the social and economic lives of people around the region, and ultimately around the world.

We want to play our part in creating food security across communities. By educating and advising farmers, we can help them achieve a bountiful yield every season. Through the power of data and technology, we can support these farmers to build cost-effective solutions on their farms that protect their crops, their livelihoods and the health of everyone who benefits from them.

We believe that agriculture isn’t an industry to capitalize from, but a way of life from which we can learn, grow and evolve through.


Our team services a strong network of clients across the MENA region through our offices in Dubai, Beirut and Cairo. We are a diverse collective of agriculture specialists, technology researchers and sales representatives that work together to build strategic solutions and plans that fit a wide variety and clients of different scales. Founded as a family business, Green Bridge has expanded throughout the years to include passionate, like-minded individuals who dedicate their expertise to achieve the Green Bridge philosophy.